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As with many other forms of art, to get an idea about how you would like to draw graffiti is by observing the styles developed by others. Visualizing graffiti in your neighborhood, or anywhere else, will help you define your style.Before trying your skills on a bigger scale, try with some pencils and paper. Right down the name that you want to draw in a graffiti style, something like your signature. Original Jordan Shoes
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A so called rule of graffiti is to paint the letters so big that they look like blocks, with enough space in their interiors, for artistic designs.Basically, there are a few styles of graffiti that many people use. Some like to use bubble letters and their signatures are drawn like that. If you like sharp edges, you can do it too, or if you like to play with the size of the letters, this is a style quite common, as well. In time, you will get a hang of your own style, you will see.


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