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For an artistic impression, vary line thickness. This will give to the letters a 3D effect, if you know how to play this card. With a pencil and a marker, you can make from your graffiti a masterpiece.Now that the outline is ready, you can play with the details. A light pencil is recommended for making these adjustments. You can put a lightning bolt on an "I" or you can draw a pair of eyes in a "B".Your drawing is now ready. Mbt Shoes Size Chart
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It is wise to make a copy with a darker type of pencil.Use a pen to blacken your lines, this will add consistency to your drawing. Small mistakes will still be easy to remedy, but, bigger lines must be drawn perfectly, if you want your artwork to be good.Last, but not least, you will need to add some colors. See some examples, to visualize what kind of colors will work best for the letters that you have drawn. You can make it in one color only and most artists prefer simplicity before a rainbow of colors.


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