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The 14th on Forbes most worth sports teams-- Chicago Bears

Post  amwft on Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:54 pm

The 14th on Forbes most worth sports teams-- Chicago Bears
The Chicago Bears are the 14th most worth the right of vote in sports, accordly Forbes Magazine's annual list.
Chicago Bears, worth at $1.07 billion, It is the ninth richest NFL franchise on the list.
New York Jets In fact, all 32 NFL teams create the list, which probably cause some head-scratching from players locked out in a labor impasse by owners who are battle for a bigger cut of the league's $9 billion in revenue.
The Top 10 looks like this: Manchester United ($1.86 billion), Dallas Cowboys ($1.81 billion), New York Yankees ($1.7 billion), Washington Redskins ($1.55 billion), Real Madrid ($1.45 billion), New England Patriots ($1.37 billion), Arsenal ($1.9 billion), New York Giants ($1.18 billion), Houston Texans ($1.7 billion) and the New York Jets ($1.14 billion).
The Cubs ($773 million) are ranked No. 42.
Only two NBA franchises create the list: The New York Knicks at No. 47, value $655 million and the Los Angeles Lakers at No. 48, value $643 million.


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