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Post  nikeair2010 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:54 am

A new baby is a very exciting reason to celebrate. It can be hard to come up with great ideas of baby showers and for gifts. One of them that everybody will love though is a diaper wreath. They are simple enough to make and fun to display. Once you learn how to make a baby diaper wreath you will be able to create them each time you know someone is expecting a new bundle of joy. Nike Homme Chaussures
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The round part for the diaper wreath is made up of disposable diapers. Various colors of streamers are wrapped around the ends. If you know the sex of the baby you can go with those to represent it. Otherwise the traditional pink and blue work perfectly. You may want to get some small baby shower trinkets and tie them to the ends of the streamers as well. You can try rattles, diaper pins, miniature babies, and more.


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