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Post  nikeair2010 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:55 am

Probably you have suffered this by yourself: it is definitely difficult to draw the various pieces of a human visage. It normally takes a lot of training to create wonderful and lively noses, eyes, lips and wild hair. But even if you acquired these capabilities it is not all you need to have for painting portraits!Assembling these various parts into a picture of a visage is possibly more difficult.Tiffany Necklace Suppliers
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All parts should be on the perfect place. And what may make it possibly more difficult is balance: it is not enough to draw one eye on the perfect place, the other eye has to be in proper placement, also ... and both eyes has to be symmetrical.The very same is real for the lips, the nose, the ears and so on. Not meeting to create balance (possibly by small differences) may make the portrait look clumsy and distorted.


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