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It is possible that you want to do airbrush art on a wood surface. If so, take the time to use sand paper and lightly sand the wood down by hand. It is recommended to use a hand floor sander for a mural on a wood floor. Always remember that your purpose is to only remove any rough areas from the surface of the wood. If the wood has been waxed or has a gloss coat then sanding this will remove this and allow for the paint to stick to the surface.
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When using airbrush art skills for tattoos, it is necessary to rub alcohol on the skin so as to remove any oils from the skin and clean it. Otherwise natural oils present on the skin surface will prevent the airbrush paint from successfully sticking to the skin. This will cause the airbrush art tattoo to come off to soon. The use of talc powder after the design has dried will help to keep oil from building back up and thus still ruining the airbrushed tattoo.


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