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Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure - Most presser feet have three height settings: down, up and an extra up to accommodate thick fabrics. Try as you might, the feet aren't going to push harder on sheer fabrics or lighten up on thicker fabrics other than those three settings and that can mess with the evenness of your stitches. If the machine has adjustable presser foot pressure, however, you can moderate the pressure for a more accurate feed of different fabric types. Ugg Classic Europe
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2010 Ugg Femme Slippers
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Drop Feed Dog Lever - The feed dogs push fabric forward or backward during sewing, however, some types of sewing require the fabric to moved in other directions, such as may be needed with free motion quilting and embroidery. Machines that allow you to lower the feed dogs make these types of craft sewing possible on home sewing machine.


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