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Plastic Primer is Essential - When you're painting plastic, using some plastic primer on the plastic is essential before you begin painting it. The primer helps to prepare the surface for the paint. Since plastic is so slippery, the paint could easily just slip off, so using the primer is definitely important if you want a nice paint job.Scuff Up the Plastic - Another thing that can help you to make sure that the paint stays on the plastic is to scuff off the plastic before you begin to paint. Using a scotchbrite pad can really help or even using wet dry paper that is 1500 grit can be helpful as well.Tiffany Silver Marks
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It scuffs up the plastic, allowing there to be more for the primer and the paint to grab on to when you are painting plastic.Allow 5 Minutes Between Each Coat - Last of all, another of the important painting plastic tips is to allow at least five minutes between each coat if you are using spray paint. If you are using another type of paint, you may need to allow longer for drying. You need to make sure that every coat dries before you try applying a new coat of the paint.


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