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Of course if you are wondering what colors make brown, you'll find that there are some other ways that you can make the brown paint as well. If you take red paint or some orange paint and then add some black paint to the mix, you'll also be able to make brown as well. If you want the brown color to be even darker, then you should add a bit of black paint to it. However, for something a bit on the lighter side, adding some grey paint or some white paint can make it a lighter brown color. 2010 3D Nike Tn Air
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Sometimes you'll also be able to make the brown paint by mixing together colors that are opposites, such as purple and yellow, or mixing together blue and orange.First thing you need is a bottle, which is easy enough. Find a bottle you want to slump and have fun drinking the contents! If you don't drink wine or alcohol, but know of a bottle that you want to slump, check with friends or just go to a local bar and ask them to save one for you. Many places are very happy to save bottles for you.


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