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Invigorate your classroom this winter in color and pizzazz with some easy and quick designs. All you need to get off to a great start with decorating your bulletin board this winter are the 5 ideas below.The 100th day of school typically falls sometime during the winter months. This celebration of the power of 10 provides a wonderful opportunity to integrate mathematics into the classroom bulletin board. For a quick visual lesson you can use popsicle sticks, erasers, gumdrops, or pencils in sets of 100 on the bulletin board. air jordan shoes
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Using those types of decorations can also make for a very pretty and colorful display!This year why not change things up for Valentine's Day and make the classroom bulletin board an actual heart? This teaching board will help with lessons on general health, exercise, and circulation. Have the children write what they love about their hearts on heart-shaped cutouts to tie it in with the Valentine's Day.


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