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Now, if you are ready to learn how to make the color brown, you'll find that just by mixing a couple primary colors and then mixing some secondary colors, you can get the brown that you are looking for. So, what colors make brown? Well, you are going to want to start out with two primary colors - blue and yellow. You will mix these two colors of paint together and then you are going to get green. Now you are ready to mix secondary colors. Nouvelle Moncler Jacket Moitie Prix
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Take the green paint that you made and add red to it. These two colors will mix together to make brown paint for you.Of course if you are wondering what colors make brown, you'll find that there are some other ways that you can make the brown paint as well. If you take red paint or some orange paint and then add some black paint to the mix, you'll also be able to make brown as well. If you want the brown color to be even darker, then you should add a bit of black paint to it.


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