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Post  nikeair2010 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:37 am

Very popular still, is drawing of portraits. Everybody still loves portraits. And the more we turn to digital cameras, the fewer pictures actually get printed, and the more we appreciate the handwork of a portrait drawn with charcoal. Charcoal portraits are ideal as gifts too. The subject does not need to sit for the portrait, because it can be drawn from a photo. Tn Moins Cher
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A portrait is a perfect gift if it is drawn well to satisfy the receiver, but also priced low enough to satisfy the giver. This is where Thai copying skills becomes an art.When you buy a pen from a world-renowned manufacturer like Montblanc or Parker, you can't really expect to get a unique piece of art. With wood fountain pens crafted by skilled amateurs it is a whole lot different story.


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