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When I was little I used to play Candy Land all the time along with Checkers and Uno. I loved playing board games because who doesnít? If youíre a child or a grown up board games are always fun. And if youíre an adult, itís always fun to be a kid again.I was looking for some neat crafts that I could share with our readers and I finally found something that is so intriguing. I found this site called and it has all these really neat crafting ideas. What caught my eye was a board game. Did you know you can use old boardgames to make crafts? air jordan shoes
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This is such a great idea, Iím so glad I can share this with you.I love these ideas. It inspired me to think of some more. You can make birthday cards out of Uno cards as they have the number on there which is perfect for an age. A scrapbook page can be made out of any game. Candy Land can make for a pretty fun page since it has so many fun graphics on it. My favorite idea is to make something using the letters from the game Scrabble. You can make cards, scrapbook pages or even kids crafts with these.


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