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These are primary techniques you need to perfect for improving your sketching abilities. It is the part of art where craftwork comes into play and supplements creativity. I have seen it much too often, that novices need to focus too much on getting these basics decently done so they can't concentrate on the drawing itself. You can avoid this by practising these basic techniques continuously so they will work more and more mechanically in your subconscious. Ugg Lo Pro Button
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That lets you to focus further on the artistic and pleasing side of draftsmanship.To define and intensify an part of your drawing, shading is necessary. Shading can be accomplished in several different ways. Easy cross hatching, created with short quick strokes first in one direction then in another - bisecting the first, layered for the wanted result, is very effective. Scribbling with more force in darker regions also defines shades. You may even cross hatch with scribbled lines.


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