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In order for Art to exist, the following three (3) criteria must be met. First of all, there must be some sensory manifestation (Rendering), fugitive or permanent, that is based upon a creative, intellectual process (Thought) with the intention of a beautiful or pleasurable (Aesthetic or Anti-aesthetic) action, or reaction, in one or more of the senses and/or psyche.Tn Dauphin
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Tn Foot Locker 2010
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Encircled within this definition are more than the traditional concepts of "art": painting, sculpture, ceramics, writing, architecture, drama, music, dance, and photography. It's now easier to understand why cooking can be included as an "art" and more than just a craft. Please do not confuse "craft" with "art". Art objects are original creations, one of a kind. Craft, on the other hand, is the fastidious copying, reproduction, of an art object.


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