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Wash the bottle very well, inside and out. Remove all labels by heating the label with a heat gun, which melts some glues, but not all. If you can't heat the label off, you'll have to soak the bottle till the label comes off. Sometimes you may even need to use a razor to get the label and glue off. Depending on the glue, some of which can be very stubborn, you may even need something like Goo Gone to get the residue completely off. Nike Requin 2009
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If you have to use a solvent to get it off, be sure to fully wash the bottle again to get the solvent off.Allow the bottle to completely dry. You may want to put some devitrification solution on your bottle, especially if the bottle is blue or amber in color. This will prevent a scummy layer from forming. Some bottles are more susceptible to this than others, so as an option you can test fire to see which ones really need it. If you want the option of hanging the bottle, this is the time to add a hanger. I use copper wire.


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